Liquid Beauty

Thin Drink – Skin Drink

Liquid Beauty is Promoitalia’s range of food supplements created to integrate nutrition and support the main functions of the body.

The design of the drinkable stick pouches and the extremely pleasant taste and aroma make their intake easy and enjoyable.

 This exclusive line is composed of two products:

  • Skin Drink
  • Thin Drink

 The formulation of Skin Drink stimulates cell metabolism by improving its energetic metabolism, which is the main cause of cell decay and skin aging.

Thin Drink is composed of an exclusive formulation, rich in active ingredients which contribute to the normal metabolism of macronutrients, lipid metabolism, promote the drainage of body fluids.

The addition of Guarana stimulates the metabolism and is useful for the balance of body weight, Green Coffee has an antioxidant, tonic and metabolic support action.


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