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About Us

Promoitalia’s main goal is to manufacture and sell advanced technology tools to let people achieve beauty and wellness. The engine that drives company activity is the continuous pursuit of excellence. The challenge that we intend to win daily is the creation of innovation. Promoitalia’s world matches experience, know-how, innovation, and research. Our products are conceived for each specific need: devices and equipment with an exclusive design for all kinds of beauty flaws for high-level results. Luxury, glamour, and technology are the values that represent our business. We constantly strive to offer the best technological and scientific solutions for aesthetics and wellness.








Valerio Matanò

Many people think that beauty and wellness depend on factors related to nature and age. We do not. In fact, for us, wellness and beauty are not innate characteristics, but rather they are a goal to be achieved, a path of improvement to be built day by day. Starting from these considerations, Promoitalia has undertaken a scientific research activity and proposed a technological offer in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. The purpose of Promoitalia is, therefore, to be a real “beauty stylist“, creating trends in the beauty market through innovative and advantageous products compared to those of competitors. Promoitalia offers all its customers a personalized and exclusive service and highly advanced products. With Promoitalia the fate of the battle against the signs of aging and small imperfections are already obvious.

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